v1-3 QandA Razer-Filter Censorship in Cyberspace

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1 min mashup for QandA on ABC.

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Twitter & Telly (Razer attack on filter)

A very rough 1 minute mashup of an episode of QandA as experienced by a social media geek. Aim is to show ‘normal people’ what it is like to watch an episode while interacting via twitter and hopefully how powerful this experience can be when complex issues (like the internet filter) are being discussed.

The segment depicted is from the May10 ‘Censorship in Cyberspace’ ep, in which Helen Razer politely suggests that the Minister’s filter will NOT remove kidde pr0n.

For the social media geeks, I hope this piece (and the associated materials on http://pool.org.au/users/fang and http://fang.blip.tv) will inspire derivative mash-ups that will help us explore legal and ethical issues around re-mix culture in a socially responsible way.

Enjoy, and keep up the great work in spending my tax dollars on our ABC!

Note: I would prefer to license this work creative commons:attribution and therefore grant everybody permission in advance to do whatever they want with it. Therefore you are free to edit out any bits you like.
If you do edit out the attribution image, please give attribution to me as mikeseyfang.com