v1.2 QandA Listen to science “Straight Mix”

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More re-mix friendly, slightly less contentious tweets.
– Better sync of twitter keywords and the dialogue behind
*Slightly better TWEETs context (needs fine-tune align around key-words)

“Straight Mix”
– Designed to be re-mixed
– No music under sound-track
– Begins with the ‘question’ video
– Follows with entire response *un-edited
– Has a bunch of tweets in the background (not YET subversively filtered)

Mashup of QandA ep & Part of of the TWITTER response to a great little video contribution to QandA from two Adelaide Uni PhD scientists Corri Baker & Hilary Coleman. The episode of QandA aired on Monday May 3, 2010 on the ABC Australia.
*Warning – some of the tweets may be a bit fruity