My RSS feed now realtime tks to for implementing rsscloud

Another good reason to use hosted – the good folks have already implemented realtime RSS extensions for me using Dave Winer’s rsscloud method.

Having just clued-in to the latest on realtime RSS reading about TypePad implementing the alternative pubsubhububb I set out to find out what is required to get this happening on my wordpress blog. If you host your own you need to install the plug-in. On tis already implemented – take a look at the source of my RSS feed and search for ‘cloud’.

What’s the big deal. Well to paraphrase TechCrunch – it is now possible to de-centralise realtime, which means we might finally get some of the cool stuff back from centralised services like twitter.

This could also mean the beginning of a new format war for the real-time web, reminiscent of the old RSS vs Atom battles. Another groups of developers, lead by Brad Fitzpatrick, published a format and cloud hub known as pubsubhubbub, which is now being supported by Google Reader. There is sure to be much discussion of falling into the RSSCloud camp, and which protocol/format/method etc. is better than the other (a debate we will engage in on this blog, no doubt).

Services such as Twitter and Friendfeed centralize real-time data and updates. RSSCloud and broader support of such a protocol is a step in the direction of decentralizing such services.

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