TWAM07 – The Week According to Me (Mike) episode 7

Some things of interest noticed in the last week of July, 2008.

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  • Beth Kanter gives tips on social media in (nonprofit) organisations
  • The EdTechTalk crew interview key players in an innovative open course in connectivism
  • George Siemens reviews recently read papers providing short summaries in audio

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Roughly ten minutes of snippets from podcasts I have heard recently that might be relevant to Higher Education. My aim is to stimulate discussion around the impact of the read/write web on research and teaching & learning.


Kanter, B., Presentations from Connecting Up 2008 conference | DonorTec. Available at: [Accessed August 1, 2008].

Cormier, D., EdTechTalk#81 – The Mega-Connectivism Course (Part #1) | EdTechTalk. Available at: [Accessed August 1, 2008].

Siemens, G., Learning Technologies Centre Research Blog » Random Readings and Research Findings – #2. Available at: [Accessed August 1, 2008].

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2 thoughts on “TWAM07 – The Week According to Me (Mike) episode 7

  1. that’s seems soo long ago – all the tim tams are gone now .. I hear that Peter Dietz from Social Actions will be at next year’s conference …

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