TEST post for LitFuse BootCamp [ litfuse0208 ]

This is a TEST post for the bootcamp – if you are not involved or interested move along please, there is nothing to see here.

I’m stuffing this post with the TAG litfuse0208 in various places and using the keywords litfuse, nrm and water in various elements of the post. This is a visual aid to help describe differing levels of potency for elements and associated things like technorati tags, del.icio.us tags etc. The title of the post, wordpress category, URL or ‘slug’ of the post have increasing value to search engines, and therefore ‘find-ability’ or SEO.

[Note to self, this post was created with ScribeFire (firefox add-in) and the ‘publishing options’ were used to set technorati tags, del.icio.us, trackback URL.

Fang – Mike Seyfang
(or better still)

FangMike Seyfang

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