Extraordinary Everyday LIves #038 : Second Life with GlobalGeek

This episode was quite a piece of history in the making!  Dave and Dave (from the global  geek podcast) hooked up in SecondLife and decided to record a joint podcast from within SecondLife – with a ‘studio audience’ as it turned out.


Show notes courtesy of the global geek:

TPN :: The Global Geek Podcast

Show Notes


What is Second Life?

Criticisms of Second Life

Promo Spot – Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show

The Rooster’s Second Life

Dave’s Second Life


Dave Gray’s Blog

Dave Wallace’s Blog

Mike Seyfang’s Blog

Dave’s Place in Second Life Link (to come)

Pictures Taken in Second Life During the Recording Thanks Velvet!!

Featured Music

RelapseChallenged, The
“The Road To Self-Sufficiency” (mp3)
from “Relapse”
(Cabana 1 Records)

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Smash HitsThe Thought Criminals
“I Want To Be a Celebrity” (mp3)
from “Smash Hits”
(Ninthwave Media)

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